Dastardly Radioactive Asteroids

Astronaut Rusty Schweickart has noticed there are official reports floating around recommending a nuclear bomb to blow up any asteroid heading toward Earth. He’s warning us that this is a bad idea.

He’s telling us this idea is being used to justify nuclear weapons in space.

“The former lunar lander pilot said a NASA report that made that recommendation last year was misleading.

“He felt it was probably issued under political pressure to create some justification for putting nuclear weapons into earth orbit.” [link]

asteroid collides with EarthOK.

Political pressure. Political pressure and nuclear weapons. Political pressure and nuclear weapons and lies from our government.

Of course, Russia is using the same story. Pravda is reporting that Russia’s Center for Planetary Defense is preparing a megaton atomic blast to carry out the job quite nicely.

Now we know what to deflect.