Curating Suck

Yo! You suck.Any misogynist nearby will laugh uncomfortably, flip the remote to the comfort of FOX News, boast the taking of two… but this post is about other justice. The eye. That orb rolling.

Any pundit standing up for this while standing down for that will step to warn the strip search gulag will eavesdrop habits soon… but this post is about other contraband. The eye. That orb rolling.

The Rise, Fall and Reverse Apotheosis of the Domesticated Artist and the State of Cultural Entropy and Cultural Dark Matter… There follows, a disordered monologue, lacking in empathy, empiricism, factuality, restraint, historical perspective or measure – meant to confound, irritate, exasperate or bore its target audience of over-educated, alcoholic, drug addicted, and by turns sex obsessed and/or sex disinterested, gluttonous, anorexic, vain, self-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, self doubting, compulsive, self-loathing, numbed-by any-means-immediately-available. Dedicated to all the imaginarily murderous, wishfully incestuous, secretly all-powerful, exquisitely self-subordinated bicycle seat sniffers.

A bank buys radio until Pacifica dies. Picasso tilts over casino check-in. Himmler’s best still under the ice at Eagle’s Nest… but this post is about what’s not yet made. The eye. That orb rolling.