Cult preys

A Scientologist is chief of Sarah Palin’s 2012 campaign. What do you get when voodoo meets Xenu?

Several links at Metafilter’s ‘Perfect Storm of Stupid‘.

Sarah Palin understands the importance of religion in politics. That’s why the Political Action Committee preparing for her 2012 presidential bid is being run by John Coale – an OT-VII Scientologist. Coale – who switched his support from Hillary Clinton to John McCain during the 2008 campaign – originally turned to Scientology to get off drugs. He later introduced to the faith his wife – fellow attorney Greta Van Susteren. Together they assisted in the Church’s successful takeover of the Cult Awareness Network. (In her later role as a FOX News personality, Van Susteren has been an ardent defender of Palin herself.) In 1986, Coale developed a plan to help Scientology gain influence in Washington. While he reports that nothing came of it, a Scientology PAC currently operates as Citizens for Social Reform – helping to fight the Church’s war against psychiatry.