crunching vast quantities of us

How does our money become the money in others peoples’ pockets? The Economist hints at data mining. Massive-scale market demography.

If your phone records reveal quick callbacks, you do not worry about calling other people late at night, you tend to get more calls at times when social events are most often organized, such as Friday afternoons, you make long calls while the calls you take are generally short, you are a commercial target.

Criminal or enterprise if you see differences, firms are pleased to operate within the ‘spectrum of you’ because there is coin there.

JP Rangaswami:

There’s a new game in town, where the surveillance is all digital. Where everything we do is monitored and recorded and analyzed and used, ostensibly to help us. Ostensibly.

Many of the things we do are recorded, and we know about it.

Many of the things we do are recorded, and we give permission for that recording to take place.

Some of the things we do are recorded with our permission and we don’t understand enough about it.

So we need to know more about all of this.