Crude Cuba Crude

[AP] For 17 years the United Nations has voted to lift the 46 year trade embargo against Cuba. This year’s vote against our policy was a 185 to 3 landslide. Only Israel and Palau joined with the United States.

Cuba, of course, turned in vitriolic speeches and celebrations. The White House and John McCain, of course, demand free elections and release of prisoners. The EU believes that “the lifting of the US trade embargo would open Cuba’s economy to the benefit of the Cuban people.” India, Russia and China report that economic embargo hurt people, but did you know the U.S.A. is the Number One source of aid to Cuba – more than $200 million last year?

But look?
TIME reports Cuba’s Oil Find Could Change the US Embargo
Between 5 billion and 10 billion barrels of oil lie beneath the waters off Cuba’s northwest coast.

To learn about Cuba today, here’s a relaxing travelogue through Cuba by Dervla Murphy, a travel writer with the duty of accuracy. “By being strictly factual they can make a small contribution to future generations’ knowledge of how things were in countries A, B or C when they went that way.”