Drew Peterson’s step-brother Morphy.

From the Herald News, Joliet, Illinois:

Then Peterson started asking strange questions.

“How much do you love me?” Morphey said Peterson asked him, and Morphey answered that he did love him, a lot.

Peterson then asked, “Enough to kill for me?” “No, I couldn’t live with myself,” Morphey said.

Peterson pressed on, asking, “Could you live with knowing about it?”

Morphey replied, “Yeah, I guess. We always figured you killed Kathleen.”

Morphey said Peterson then drove him to a storage facility and asked him to rent a unit, using his own name. Morphey had not brought along his required state identification. Peterson, fearing that leaving to get it and then returning would attract undue attention, dropped Morphey at home, Morphey said.

A few hours later, Morphey said, he called Peterson and told him this was something he couldn’t get involved with. Peterson, he said, replied, “OK, I can respect that.”

Morphey said he feared a life was at stake, but did not know where to turn because Peterson was a police officer.

“It’s just something I have to live with,” Morphey said. “I grew up Catholic. I believe if you take another life, you go to hell.”