Convention & Free Speech

Camille speaks of her daughter’s arrest by a suppressive government:

“My exhausted daughter, with hundreds of others, tried to sleep that first night …on the chemical-covered oily, cold cement floor of these pens, without food or water, without being read her rights, without being offered a chance to post bail, without seeing a judge although the National Lawyers Guild offered to represent them pro bono, without being charged or told why she was arrested and handcuffed and taken there, without being allowed to make a call to a lawyer or friend or parent or anyone — all cell phones were confiscated as “terrorist weapons.” Her purse was taken. She had nothing but the clothes on her back.

Meanwhile…ordinary criminals arrested that same day in NYC for burglary, rape and heinous crimes were processed by the courts in less than 10 hours. My daughter, who had committed no crime, was incarcerated for three days incommunicado. People suffered chemical burns, bug bites, overcrowding and medical problems because their medicine was confiscated. A pregnant woman sat crying on the floor in the oil.

Police try to stop Mario Savio, leader of the Free Speech Movement from speaking at the Greek Theatre, in Berkeley, 1964.Here’s a picture with memory.

Police try to stop Mario Savio, leader of the Free Speech Movement from speaking at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, 1964. Note: The ‘protesters’ seem to be comfortably seated.

In 2008, protests are quashed. Sometimes, the message of the demonstrations are leaked, but generally the issues are deadened and put into walled off compounds.

DENVER, Aug. 27 (UPI) — A press freedom organization is accusing Denver police of roughing up journalists covering a protest at the Democratic National Convention. Reporters Without Borders says it is unclear what prompted police to step up their level of force during a demonstration that began outside the Pepsi Center on the opening night of the convention.

And here’s a clip from 2008.

Police Trap Peaceful Protesters in Denver by Davin Hutchins on Aug 25.

“A calm political protest quickly turned chaotic as anxious Denver police surrounded protestors peacefully marching toward the Democratic National Convention Center.

“After trapping the crowd between two buildings, hundreds of officers used pepper spray, batons and unwarranted aggression.

“After being surrounded for 20 minutes, two ANP producers managed to escape after recording the whole affair.”