conservatives admit to no mistakes

Dana Blankenhorn:

It’s more basic than that. It’s in their attitude toward problem-solving.

Conservatives think it’s simple. Liberals insist it’s complicated.

Conservatives have one answer. Every liberal has their own answer.

TV prefers the simplicity. The Internet embraces the complex. That’s the difference between the mediums of the past and the future.

When liberals claim to be part of the “reality-based community,” what they’re really saying is that life is complex but conservatives won’t admit it.

Ideology, by its nature, is simple and appealing.

It boils down problems to enemies, and solutions to slogans. The great struggles of the 20th century were against ideologies that saw simple solutions to every problem. Communist ideology extolled the proletariat. Fascist ideology extolled the nation.

But in the process of defeating these enemies we created our own ideology, American Conservatism, and it is this force we must fight now. Like Communism, like Fascism, it says simply that if we get rid of some ‘other’, then run everything by simple rules imposed from the top, paradise would result.

Paradise never results from ideology, whether that ideology is religious, allegedly scientific, or frankly nationalistic.