Confounded Palin Pundits

McCain PalinOpinion is on fire. It’s an utter free-for-all as everybody tries to figure out McCain and his tactics, dig up insight about Sarah Palin, or dirt, or search for her husband’s contact with other women.

Facts are few. There’s not a long record. Alaska politics is smaller than San Diego, listing or not listing polar bears.

She’s not a ‘reformer’ merely because of two or three legislative bills. She’s not a ‘muckraker’ because scandals were all over Alaska prior to her swearing in. She doesn’t seem to be a ‘humanitarian’ offering zero support for native programs. She’s not a ‘maverick’ because bargaining extra cash from oil companies is a tradition in Alaska. She’s not a ‘commander’ with only a tiny state guard, regardless miles of coastline near dreaded Russia. She’s not rated highly either, dropping to 67% in a fully Republican state where it seems that 80% can be seen as low.

She’s canned her Christian tho’ and will gather hardwired defenders. Perhaps her sincerity will energize believers, and might lift the crowd away from some of its hate, a task becoming important and necessary.

Sarah Palin, Alaska GuardAnother Alaskan, Shannyn Moore has written an article that seriously questions some aspects of Governor Palin’s judgment and posted this picture of Sarah Palin behind a .50 caliber machine gun, “doing her Michael Dukakis impression last year”.

I just don’t get it. This is a new form of politics to me.

Maybe mall mining and television imprints are powerful, but I’m thinking the decision might be pure numbers.

I mean, the campaign has rented a mainframe and crunched the electorate in the red states and realized they could squeak through if they can succeed in firing up the ‘loyalists’ to get out to the polls. This decision must be pure political engineering.