Community is a knitwork network

I’m convinced there is a powerful social resource we fail to see and have forgotten how to use.

We will hoist rough and unsteady politics and governments because we are human. We will endure policies that injure us and we will wait for improvements to inch their way across hierarchy, class and nation. But what cannot be done in larger governments and institutions, we can do in community.

Community can give us things we can touch, interact with, enjoy, and things we need and want. It is the agriculture of hope and the victory of the simple.

Community is the scale model of posterity’s potential.

And when it fails, community is accessible. We can repair community. We can improve life near us.

Community is billions of rapidities,

mobilizing point to place, place to point;

a knitwork network;

a model of comprehension;

the modelling of mind to mechanism.

Community is the inescapable onus upon the individual to participate in the benefit of the whole and it is the requirement upon the whole to manage itself for the individual.

Before the 2004 election, community was recommended as a part of the Democratic Party platform, here at DailyKos.

There’s a new word emerging. Netroots.
It’s grassroots via the web.
Soon it will be in the dictionary I bet.

Netroots [wiki] is a recent term coined to describe political activism organized through blogs and other online media, including wikis and social network services.