Color me sucker

We will live out our years in poverty if we don’t buy mutual funds.

“Yup”, says me. “Thus Enron, Tyco, Cisco, HP and Microsoft and a couple similar dozen clipped nearly $250,000 out of my pocket in Spring 2000, would now be a loss near $700,000 and I have nothing. Companies and governments prey; prey on us. Little firms too, selling false cures, diets, land, work and money hustles. We are becoming less a people and more an agriculture.”

Though with a Canadian bent, this CBC column will give you a short knock on the head, a new focus:

Fear sells.
Scaring the money right out of our pockets

  • the war on terror comes with its own set of scary images, and the intention of persuading us not to question the government when it spends our money…
  • Pharmaceutical companies are in a class by themselves, as they wield the ultimate threat: Buy our product or you will die…