Cold War II

Arrogant neocon leadership elbow a puppet state in an unfriendly aggression to mix a cocktail of contracts for pipelines and oil. John McCain reacts during a lunch stop, telling us we must slap economic sanctions on Russia, move missiles throughout EurAsia and pay for it also marching under the flag of Georgia.

“He will make Cheney look like Gandhi”—Pat Buchanan on John McCain

In the San Jose Mercury News, M. Steven Fish, a professor of political science at the University of California, tells us we are poorly informed. We should not risk our blood on White House mythology.

Myth One: Georgia is a free country. No. Georgia is riddled with fraud. The president is driven for personal power. Predatory police are rampant. The judiciary is corrupt. Myth Two: Georgia is a fair country. No. Georgia is not. Some of Russia’s other post-communist neighbors have become genuine democracies and treated their minorities fairly. Lithuania, Bulgaria and Mongolia are examples. Myth Three: We don’t need workable relations with Russia. Myth Four: We can win a silly bravado against the world.

We are already crippled. What is this $612 billion defense authorization? To secure Democracy, y’think?