Cleaning Dirt

The world’s largest fertilizer companies face two lawsuits in Minnesota and Chicago for price-fixing and conspiracy. moreā€¦

* Mosaic of Plymouth, Minnesota, USA,
* Agrium of Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
* Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc., Canada,
* JSC Uralkali of Moscow, Russia;
* RUE PA Belaruskali, of Soligorsk, Belarus,
* RUE PA Belarusian Potash Co. of Minsk, Belarus,
* JSC Silvinit of Solikamsk, Russia, and
* JSC International Potash Co. of Moscow, Russia.

In several countries, obscure laws shield makers of potash and phosphate — two key ingredients in fertilizer — from certain antitrust rules.

In the US, for example, phosphate makers are among a handful of industries empowered by the 1918 Webb-Pomerene Act to talk with competitors about pricing and other issues.

The allegations come as the fertilizer companies have profited from the global grain-price boom of the past two years.

Price rocketed sky high

The price of phosphate has climbed to about $1,100 a ton, up from $430 last year.