China’s Real Challenge to the USA

This article asks, ‘While worrying about China, are we asking the right questions?’

The notion that China could possibly displace the United States at the pinnacle of world affairs may seem preposterous. China is starting from way behind, and no one looks to China as a political model.

For most of human history, China was the wealthiest, socially most tranquil, scientifically most advanced and arguably the best governed society on the planet.

It is determined eventually to restore itself to these heights.

The first challenge comes from China’s growing weight in the global economy.

The main challenge from China’s economic success lies less in its role as a producer of goods sold throughout the world than in its probable emergence as the world’s largest consumer and capital market.

China already consumes 25-40% of the world’s crude coal, iron ore, steel, aluminum and cement.

It is now almost certain that the next phase of the information revolution will be led by Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. This means that they, not Americans, will own and control the intellectual property and “killer apps”….

China is competing with other Asian nations and itself in a contest we do not even appear to realize is underway.