Chicken about germs?

From Science

Poultry consumption a risk factor
for antibiotic resistance in humans

Antibiotic use as a livestock growth promoter increases the risk of human antibiotic resistance

Results of the nearly $1.4 million three-year study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, are in the November 1 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases.

These results indicate that antibiotic use in poultry leads to transfer of antibiotic resistance genes to human gut bacteria through the food supply and they provide additional evidence that use of growth promoters in animals may have long-term consequences for human health.

The animal feed industry is changing rapidly. A major challenge is mixing feeds for a diversified increasingly healthy approach to raising cattle, swine and poultry.

Antiobiotics have been routinely used in the feed of weaning and young animals when the intestine has yet to populate a healthy environment. This use is when it is called a “growth additive”. A stronger animal, free of harmful bacteria, grows more quickly.

In Europe, antiobiotics are being phased out by law. In the USA, reducing antiobitics when animals aren’t sick is already a trend. Top producer brands of poultry such as Tyson and Pilgrim have voluntarily reduced the routine use of antiobiotics. But alternatives are required especially to help young animals.

This is a problem I can help to solve.

Providing “healthy bacteria” helps to quickly create a favorable intestinal environment. A healthy flora of bacteria in the intestine disrupts or displaces dangerous bacteria common on the farm and feed lot.

ยป Probiotic bacteria enhance early growth without using antibiotics.

If you would like to help me develop this market, let me know.

I posted a blurb on BuildV1.

I’d like to establish a new market in the Americas for a “probiotic animal feed supplement” manufactured under certified controls in Asia. It is a dry powder containing cultured beneficial bacteria and minerals.

I think of it as a yogurt starter for baby animals.

A small amount is mixed with each bushel of conventional feed. It ships in bags or in bulk. There are current lab certs and highly reputable current buyers in Asia. The additive has been tested at Japan’s ICI Research Institute.