ChemNutra imported petfood gluten

On its website, the company responsible for supplying contaminated wheat gluten does not mention its food safety protocol for any of its three suppliers in China, although it immediately quarantined its inventory and cooperated with the FDA. A pdf press release distributed by a media management firm is available that refers to Xuzhou Anying as the supplier.

ChemNutra states that the firm “imports quality ingredients from China to the U.S. for the feed, food and pharma industries.

“We are a professionally managed, American owned company experienced in negotiating, securing and delivering ultra-competitive pricing on high-quality chemicals and ingredients from quality-assured manufacturers in China.

“We bridge the business and cultural gaps…including all regulatory, compliance, import and transportation requirements.”

A news clip at Physorg states:

The Las Vegas-based ChemNutra Co. — a supplier to human and pet food manufacturers — said the recalled wheat gluten had been imported in 25 kg. paper bags that were distributed to three pet food manufacturers and one company that supplies wheat gluten to the pet food industry.

ChemNutra said none of the 792 metric tons of the recalled products was shipped to facilities manufacturing food for human consumption.

Nestle Purina, Del Monte, and Menu Foods seem to be the primary feed compounders. After many days, these firms are not yet reporting any offshore follow-through activity or new import policy recommendations.

The Food and Drug Administration last week blocked wheat gluten imports from the Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co.

It seems that ChemNutra is capable of installing adequate safety precautions. Its corporate officers seem to be both legally and operationally adept and familiar with regulatory law and international standards.

The FDA said that in the past three weeks it has received more than 12,000 consumer complaints, more than twice the number of complaints it usually receives in a year for any product.