Centenary of Scouting

Badge, 2007 Centenary of ScoutingThe Scout Movement is 100 years old.

Around 40,000 youngsters from 151 countries are taking part in the biggest jamboree in the history of scouting [wiki]. The first Scout Camp of twenty boys was opened in 1907 by the Movement’s founder Robert Baden-Powell.

Now there are millions of girls and boys, men and women from every race, religion and culture. Scouting for Boys by Robert Baden-Powell went on to become the 20th Century’s fourth highest-selling book

A Merit Badge for Squirrel Stew?
As well as knots, the Scouting movement helped me learn to make squirrel stew while out in the winter bush. It froze so fast I used my hatchet to slice extra helpings into a red-hot skillet. I learned to spin near the fire to keep both sides of my body warm, and to laugh with friends to heat the night air inside our lean-to of spruce branches.

My Scouting years were in northwest Canada about 45 years ago where learning handy skills was essential. What great fun! What serious effort! The catalog of education, the challenging tasks, with young and earnest allies! Scouting helped me grow. I am grateful.