Canary in the Ocean

Doesn’t this just put a fire under your butt?

Norway may halt salmon fishing season
Norwegian wildlife management officials said stocks of wild salmon have dropped so low they may have to halt the salmon fishing season.

California and Oregon recently canceled 2008 salmon fishing. The emergency policy will likely spread into Canada and Alaska.

Frankly, I think the next 50 years are going to be exciting and will bring great social and ecological benefits. The errors of sysssstem and gov’t. that led us here are undeniably on the table now. The “upcoming generations” have a clear path that I think will prevail in many forms. For us, we might have to endure at least another decade of reactionary junk, some of it perhaps more mean-hearted than lately….

Robert Paterson in Prince Edward Island says,

“The choice is clear – Hope or Fear. The chance of healing or maybe a catastrophe.”

He’s exploring changes in our social fabric while asking what set of values fits into Election 2008 and beyond and whether there’s a new social movement characterized in the Web 2.0 world.

Are we moving toward a participatory world?
Are we maturing and ready to say “I must participate”?

Robert says, “This is the new media world… Here the self acts and initiates creatively, independently and with conscience. Here the leadership vision is collaborative.”