Bush strengthens Jihad

Stephen Ulph of the West Point Academy testified to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that the Bush administration is waging its “war on terror” without really understanding the enemy and thereby strengthening the hand of Jihadists.

Ulph argued that Jihadists have painstakingly constructed, over decades, a serious, cogently argued, academically and ideologically coherent intellectual infrastructure to their ‘holy war’. He claimed that they are engaged in a massive re-education project, and they are going about this unopposed.

Ulph testified that the Jihadists are not waging war on physical infrastructure of the US. Their decades long planning is cultural and is designed against

  1. the respect for personal privacy,
  2. the open nature of society,
  3. multiformity and diverse interests and other ethical and ideological orientations,
  4. the active will to promote social cohesion,
  5. trust and the harmonization of interests,
  6. and the support of community-based organizations.

Ulph said that it is “simply unbelievable that we are now in our sixth year after the attacks on September 11th and still without a coherent map of the enemy, of their cause and their ideological methodology.”