brokering the outrage

If religion is the opiate of the masses, fundamentalism is crack cocaine. Rob Boston, associate editor for Church & State magazine examines the top ten power brokers of the religious right and efforts to style America under their narrow agenda.

  1. Pat Robertson – $246,986,289
    Christian Broadcasting Network
  2. Southern Baptist Convention – $205,716,834
  3. James Dobson – $156,972,266
    Focus on the Family
  4. Jay Sekulow, Pat Robertson – $42,658,159
    American Center for Law and Justice
  5. Alan Sears – $31,674,124
    Alliance Defense Fund
  6. Donald Wildmon – $22,547,087
    American Family Association
  7. Tony Perkins – $11,783,971
    Family Research Council
  8. Tim & Beverly LaHaye – $10,640,810
    Concerned Women for America
  9. Jerry Falwell Ministries – $4,208,989
  10. Steve Baldwin – $1,680,914
    Council for National Policy

There’s also our pew of demagogues in politics and media. Dick Armey, for instance, who said, “Let me just be clear about something. I have no problem with Medicare. I was talking to my minister just last night about it”. Exactly.