Bombarded with Wrong

Why is the parade of bowtie pundits and agenda celebrities not made liable for errors that take from our pockets?

Why didn’t more experts see the Crash of 2008? Why was nothing done? So many have been leading us toward weakness. Yes, their gain is our loss.

Take Arthur Laffer – the Trickle-Down economist.

Or Ben Stein, the sometimes-economist and sometimes-comedian, who advised buying financials in 2007. He suggested Merrill Lynch. for example. That’s not funny.

Breadlines are long and cold.

“The present crisis is too enormous to be laid at the feet of a single individual, yet if there is one man who stands out in all of this, it is Alan Greenspan…,” said the NYTimes. “You will go down as the greatest chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve Bank,” said Phil Gramm, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. [link]

Oh… A takeover, a revolt, some say; the gold standard and a flat tax; repeal the Fed and elect the pulpit infiltration that is already afoot. But, if we had a media, a mere list might be enough to cull the fools and scorn the mistaken.