Blogotics II

It’s not easy for me.

I do not shrill the morning
and I lay calm at night.
Effort of a lifetime.

Then why sour my blog citing corrupt mafia and scorn politics?

Because America is worth our effort.

How can we not dump our priorities for awhile,
come away for awhile
from the great task of civility,
and just kick some butt!?

America is worth our effort.

Alarming, I say to myself,
feeling nude in the mall,
to argue instead of walk gently, yes,
outright telling ’em off,
to revel against foe,
to discover proof to a lie,
a blemished flaw,
a tryst in the penthouse.
I do not like the taste of politics.

I say to myself, why am I here,
hallways of cheap,
corrupt pathology,
gilt lies?
I do not like politics.

Well, America is worth it.

I’ll recover.

I’ll celebrate Hope and Change.