blind to roots

Did root causes precede massive narco corporations? Ponder poor and drugs. Fuse two words and think. Add Taliban and war and think again.

Add Mexico!!

La Familia has a solid base, a growing presence in other states and in several US cities.

It is also innovative: it has a spiritual leader called Nazario Moreno González, nicknamed El Más Loco, the Craziest One.

The “latest sinister developments in Mexico” cast fresh doubt on the wisdom of the war on drugs.

In order to strike a hard point, think again. Trumping Pakistan’s recent attacks, the Taliban have revived land reform first proposed by democratic liberals thirty years ago to quickly renew ‘a vested community of support’.

“There we have it. Pakistan’s political system is wholly founded on the rule of the country’s narrow, landowning and industrial class.”

Yes, there we have it. Class. Landowning. Industrial. Poor. Drugs. War. The passing of Robert McNamara reminds us of great error, expensive folly and deadly mistakes. Will we learn to develop policies that are worth what they cost?

Can we reach poverty before poverty reaches war? We are enabled for battle. Testing that is no betrayal. Some say a ragged underground will gain symmetry to blow up a bus or hack a blackout or attack our water or gas.

Some are able and many are willing.

But what shrewd thing does a Taliban or will El Más Loco do if it’s not gather the poor? Will we learn to develop policies that are worth what they cost?

Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets

boys in the field
Special Forces now journalist
The British like to say that Helmand Province is medieval, but I say the British give Helmand far too much credit. Medieval is space-aged compared to some of these places.