Blind Electing The Dark

Our precious secret ballot where the secret is the candidate.

Sarah Palin boo’d in Alaska:

She exited her Secret Service vehicle in front of the hotel to an empty block.

Alaska Police and Secret Service had closed down the street and kept every citizen indoors 20 minutes before her arrival…

People detained in a restaurant chant disbelief and anger. [j-walk]

Paul Krugman on the media: “Why do the McCain people think they can get away with this stuff?” This stuff being deception.

In the mid-term, complaining to News Desks might be as effective as our vote!

At the UN, Mary Poppins Meets Robed Chief,
Sarah Palin reversed limits on the press pool after CNN threatened to withhold its camera crew. The campaign relented.

The press pool was allowed a total of 29 seconds – roughly the maximum snippet broadcast across the USA and the world. America? Give a girl a break.