Better war

Is the “Hearts and Minds” approach cheaper than war?

Quoting ScienceBlog:

“Ask any scientist, any person with the gift of imagination, and he will assure you that, whatever countermeasures you think of, no matter how many millions you spend, how many pre-emptive wars you wage, you will never achieve more than 20% security.”

[Perhaps there is…] “Something other than helping corrupt people get richer.”

To the question of testing our strategy, my response:

I like it when bloggers occasionally belt an issue onto the table. Learning is no good if not wrapped, ribboned and put in our hands for the gift of thinking.

I’ll add the thrust of my current thoughts.

If we are not victoriously moving into the future, we are making a mistake. If we do not bring triumph, we’ve screwed up. Without cheers and applause, we are marching the wrong boulevard.

Spending America’s lives requires America’s success. War must never be mercenary, colonial, nor hint of wasting effort. Not one of us should be called to picayune battle. Where did we get the idea that we drain blood for mere politics, for mere government, for mere revenge?

We are pledged to a frontier of good living, free living, civil and collected in our drive for peace and prosperity. Of course we must cull the outlaw, the violent state and the arrogant idiot: Always, completely, quick. Of course we will bring the entire world with us: Tolerant of difference, intolerant of danger. Less will fail.

Every death is a new idea waiting our response. Currently, we are sifting the results of battle without the conviction of our purpose. If our strategy were correct, we would endure our sacrifice, enjoy our progress and celebrate with all the world.