benevolence of the powerful

The etymology of the name Thomas began in the Greek word Θωμας. As I looked at Θωμας, I couldn’t help noticing ‘OW’ and thought of pain. I then thought of Thomas Paine and then wondered what odd circumstance fused ‘OW’ to both his first and last name.

Thomas Paine was wanted dead or alive for writing ‘Common Sense’ and ‘The Age of Reason’ which sparked both the American and French revolutions. I wonder what common sense and reason will deliver us from pain these days?

‘The truth has become all too painfully obvious, says Mick Arran. We are locked down, locked into a system which gives rights to the rich, the powerful, and the corporate.’

‘And it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone that this only makes things worse and worse. Believing that giving the rich control of the society will lead to economic prosperity for everyone is now dogma for the religion of $$$.  We’ve decided to take that on faith because the rich told us to.’