Beneath Belief

Sex and God. Someday we’ll couple how deeply these two words mingle. And unwind how far these two words reach into our world, Evangelicals and Republicans notwithstanding.

Evangelicals and Republicans notwithstanding, we know the people of Utah express a vigorous interest in God.

And, of course, the people of Utah rank at the top searching for Sex.

Utah and/or Salt Lake City also rank tops in the nation in searches for “pornography,” “naked girls,” “striptease,” “topless,” “nude,” “strip poker,” “lingerie,” “blonde” and “brunette.”

Though this story about Utah’s great interest in Sex offers unapologetic and inventive explanations, the story fails to confront or examine broad and dominant factors.

In my post of March 2007, these were the top nations using Google to search for Sex (in blue) and God.

1. Pakistan
2. Egypt
3. India
4. Viet Nam
5. Morocco
6. Turkey
7. Iran
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Indonesia
10. Croatia

Check it out at Google Trends.