Before Soul and Rock Roll

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In the beginning the music was formless and void,
and a great emptiness went forth across the airwaves.
All that could be heard therein was Patti Page,
Theresa Brewer and Frankie Laine.

Then God said, “Let there be rhythm, let there be blues!”;
and His spirit went forth across the airwaves

in the form of Chuck Willis, Ray Charles and LaVerne Baker.
And God saw that what he had made was good, very good;
and He began to replace the old with the new.

Thus God had provided man with soul,
and from that day forth, man and his descendants
would groove upon the earth.
Then God rested,
for He had grown weary from all the dancing He had done.

The shock of SoulIt must be difficult for younger people who’ve lived their entire lives in the aftermath of that glorious earthquake to have any sense at all of what it was like living in a world without Soul, an entire universe void of Rock and Roll.

It must seem to them as though it had always existed, but it didn’t. There was a time…