Autos In Reverse

Propaganda in the USA is too easy. How it’s happened I don’t know, but workers and their perks are taking blame for crippling US automakers.

Retired personnel are perceived as greedy deadweight and current employees are intimidated not only by their bosses but by the mood of the country. Foreign firms are cited for efficiency, praised for locating where they pay less and provide few benefits while pumping profits to handfuls of lenders and shareholders.

I think our perception is upside down. Workers have too little.

Should #1
After several generations building a terrific industry we should be defending and elevating our American workers. They should be both rich and proud after all these years and we should be glad of it!

Should #2
We should be preserving autoworker gains, seeing their prizes as a damn pittance, praising every effort to keep upward mobility and damning every dollar sucked into the one-percent layer that cries as easily as it steals.

Should #3
Decades have passed. It’s clear, employees have too little. In society and industry, we should be demanding much more.