Artificial leg for horses

Riley, first artificial leg for horsesFrom
Thousands of horses are euthanized because of leg injury. Anyone who owns, rides or cares for horses lives with one big fear — a leg injury.

“Horses’ legs are delicate, almost too delicate for the weight they bear. An injury to one leg often affects the other legs, which are forced to bear extra weight. If a horse breaks a leg, common on racetracks, there’s nothing to be done other than put him down.”

But Riley from Best Friends Animal Society is walking around after help from Veterinarian Ted Vlahos who has pioneered an artificial leg for horses. Though not for every horse with a broken or infected leg, Dr Vlahos believes that eventually the prosthesis option will become a common practice. ‘We’re hopeful that horses like Riley will get the word out that we don’t always need to kill them.

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