Another Era

Ron Paul gained the attention of millions of Americans and set records for fund raising. He says we need to dismantle this insolvent corrupt mess of our government, and revitalize ourselves back to a Republic of, by, and for We, the People. We know that, but for many reasons Ron Paul won’t take us there. He’s been deleted.

As Orwell rolls over in his grave, we’ve forgotten how to make what we believe. Whether leaders such as Ron Paul or 1,000s of others try to remind us, we’ve forgotten how to make our world.

Yes, there are leaders outside of Washington and outside of major media that point to better culture and greater choices, but we’ve forgotten how to join together, how to define our needs, and how to insist.

Another election will take us to a few more years. I’d prefer we jump to an entirely new era.

It’s Time for Progressives to Grow Up