angry about the wrong things

When it comes to how wealth is distributed in America, we probably hold radically different views depending on our political affiliation, age, income, and gender, right? …


So what about the bottom 120 million of us?

When both right and left Americans were surveyed, they said that ideally the bottom 40 percent oughta woulda coulda shoulda own about 20 to 25 percent of USA share of wealth. When asked to estimate the share of wealth actually owned, the collective guesses were between 8 and 10 percent. Reality: 0.3 percent. … We are United In Our Delusions.

Billionaires prodding tea parties to pimp for a birth certificate is the silliest electioneering of all time. Well? It’s not facts that matter. The right invents any ‘fact’ it chooses to bully voters away from reality.