And thousands die nearby

Burma's Suu Kyi Under Arrest For 13 Years ~Richard S. EhrlichAbout hard times,
she’s been under arrest 13 years,
democratically the leader,
shriveled in a corner,
tucked to a blanket,
shuffling a dim room of rice and relief,
noble yearning,
hope bloating,
scars breathing,
pain and horror and damn resignation,
the weak strength of humanity when we accept torment…
a starvation of our victory.

Justice Is Before Democracy

I tried to purchase Burma once.
Well, a few swashbucklers too.
…ports and airports, huge hotels and smooth highways, lights and power lines, water and solids treatment, export agriculture and tech packaging, all that over-prime stuff we’ve forgotten. Folks visited and dined and toured but D.C. said an embargo is better…. Sub-prime can do that.