Ancient map of the internet discovered

A map of pioneer internet communities has been discovered on the internet that illustrates how the ‘continents of the world’ were perceived by internet explorers and the colonies that follow. The rare and unusual map indicates where internet societies would gather, exchange and trade.

Analysts are already reporting that the map reveals sites and generations that are isolated or have been abandoned, although no records or artifacts indicating hardship, starvation or cannabilism have been unearthed.

Although studies are incomplete, experts are pointing out that there are unexplained omissions not unlike early maps used by scholars and navigators of Europe or North America. For example, several important historical ventures are unreported, a timely reminder not unlike overlooking Jamestown in modern history texts for the more convenient story of Plymouth Rock.

History seems already to be repeating itself. While the map shows parts of the internet seem to be ageless from the start, it may be evident that there are forces at work to create a more private interpretation of true history. Perhaps hidden in populist beliefs or underhanded politics, certain players may have continued to lobby their influence in order to subjectively alter the record of history by pressuring social peers to alter the revered practice of the fine art of cartography.

[large archival copy here]