An Oxytocin Military

Annihilation politics?
Concussion diplomacy?
Why, when a peptide will do?

Tom Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, says in an article at TIME, “Somehow, the peptide increases trust, or alters the way individuals see each other.”

Without oxytocin people would be far less inclined to seek social interaction, let alone fall in love and mate for life (or, as scientists call it, “pair bond”).

oytocin peptide moleculeThe brain releases gobs of it during orgasm, mothers are awash in it during breastfeeding and, in clinical trials, a spritz of oxytocin has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase feelings of generosity and even ease the symptoms of shyness.

Conversely, researchers are beginning to discover that low levels of the hormone — or the body’s faulty response to it — may contribute to severe social dysfunctions like depression and autism.

Research on oxytocin, not the brand but the molecule [wiki], has focused on animals, not terrorists.

And yes, I’m just chewin’ on a straw, but have we studied the food and mood of an enemy? It wouldn’t surprise me if…