an era brought few

These times are not mere error but also dis-remembering our motive.

No it isn’t black, it’s bleak. And that difference is us. It’s truly ridiculous but history is made on our strange willingness to pull us over the horizon. Oh sorry, you already know that 🙂

You’ve crafted both solution and purpose. Find me the few of you. You see. Of course I will offer my share to you. Yeh yeh, I know we’re feeble. We all know that. But we have a story, we are crafting tomorrow and there’s trust in that.

We invite the players to our game, it’s our cards on the table.

A bit of leverage and style in this kettle of civilization and I hope new friends arrive, sparks and flames, your eyes are open. Because it’s not mere money, it’s activity you’re after, both the same and both essential. You didn’t know that?

Make good of this disaster. I know for certain it hurts. It took your cash and made your confusion and that’s a good lesson. In an era brought few there’s you, as much as ever, as important as always.