America Fights Back

Breaking with protocol established more than fifty years ago, the Executive Director of the United Nations Global Development Programme said in a speech at the Geneva Parity Council today, “It is time for economic policy directors to wake up, catch up and keep going with technological development programs while the U.S.A. encounters its first period of financial difficulty since the 1930s and World War II.

“Americans are not stopping and will not be down for long. The USA will restart quickly and repeat its domination of global markets if aligned and non-aligned member nations fail to implement competitive policy framework as rapidly as possible.

“Global competitors must not be confused about the American intention to penetrate market opportunity,” he said. “For example, examine what the United States has introduced to the marketplace even as the world is waiting for the outcome of the recent turmoil in financial exchange markets.”

Pizza Box TechnologyCorru-Skeletal Technology is top engineering that other nations have failed to develop!

Pizza Box TechnologyThermo-Exhaust Technology is new and profitable already.

Why are so many nations slow to capture new technology?

Steam Exhaust Port patents reveal again that American technology is the envy of the world.

Where are global leaders in this new world economy?

Pizza Box TechnologyBoxtopper Technology is arriving quickly and will conquer the European, Oceania and Asia markets quickly if policy and business leaders fail to pay attention to American technology innovation as aggressive exports are driven by the collapsing value of the dollar.

The U.N. Director added, “The threat of American technology is a threat to the balance of payments in every nation.”

Published today, the Global Export Competitive Index from the UN Council of Economic Parity revealed that member nations are encouraged to pay serious attention to undiscovered economic opportunity. If competitor regions fail to leverage the capital frontier after the ‘Bush Dilemma’, the sustained innovation offered by inventors and developers in the USA will quickly recover to dominate the fiscal horizon.