alluring destination

At the state’s tourism convention, the Arizona Republic newspaper worries that Governor Jan Brewer mistakenly gave a speech on terrorism:

The border is “out of control,” shrieks Brewer.  There are beheaded corpses and body parts in the desert, Brewer cries. The state is overrun by smuggling cartels and the majority of those crossing the border are drug mules, wails the governor.

Phoenix is second to Mexico City for kidnappings, shouts McCain. These ridiculous political rants range from wild exaggeration to complete myth, but fearmongering … has put both Brewer and McCain way ahead in the polls.

Say others:

Not allowing honest people with clean records in search of honest work across the border in broad daylight at checkpoints simply pushes them into the desert…

People have been crossing that border for thousands of years until honky man came along…

Rigorous enforcement of labor laws on wages, hours and overtime, and of worker safety laws, would sharply reduce employer incentives to hire and exploit illegal immigrants.

Strengthening the border leads to more illegal immigration.