All the world’s power from the Sahara

All the world's power from the Sahara, TREKUsing our best solar concentrators an area in the Sahara about 150 x 150 miles would provide all the electricity for the whole world.


All the electricity
for the whole world

“If you assume these 64,516 square kilometers (64 billion square meters) were to have an output of 100 watts per meter, at 7.0 hours per day at 100 watts-hours per hour per square meter, this array would throw off 45 billion kilowatt-hours per day, or 395 trillion kilowatt-hours per year.

“This imputes a constant 24-7 supply of 1,882 gigawatts, or 1.8 terawatts of electric power. The US draws about 450 gigawatts (or .45 terawatts) of electric power, or by these reckonings 24% of total global electrical output.”

Ecoworld imputes, “…sounds plausible.”