All Nerves Vary

Jonah Lehrer reports on men vs. women: “Let’s begin with that perdurable cliche about female intuition. My own hunch is that women got associated with intuition, emotionality and all those other “irrational” aspects of cognition simply because that was a way of demeaning the female brain.

Nerve connections differ“Is there a difference between the male and female brain when it comes to decision-making?

“My own guess is that future work on gender differences will find plenty of additional ways to distinguish the male and female brain. But these differences won’t be reducible to trite, general truisms, such as “women are more intuitive” or “men are better at abstract thought”.

“When it comes to the brain, cliches are never true.”

Dereck Bownds reports
: “Even for one of the smallest muscles in a mouse, the wiring diagram differs between two individuals, and even between the left and right sides of the same mouse.”

We each are various.

And perdurable.