Against who trade off its brand

Christmas Day Family Feast at the Tan Hill InnKentucky Fried Chicken threatened a lawsuit for trademark infringement against a traditional pub in England, and ordered landlady Tracy Daly to remove the ‘Family Feast’ slogan from her Christmas Day menu at the Tan Hill Inn, saying it infringed the company’s rights.

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The pub has advertised its “Christmas Day Family Feast“.

The hearty meal starts with soup or Guinness and Stilton pate, followed by roast turkey with Yorkshire puddings, cranberry sauce and vegetables. Punters can choose between Christmas pudding and Strawberry Gateaux for dessert, with coffee or cheese and biscuits to finish.

“They are a multi-million-pound international organisation and I am just a little lady up a mountain.”

The Colonel seems to be bonkers!

The global news source The Telegraph has since reported:
“A spokesperson for KFC GB Ltd said this afternoon: “KFC has to protect its trademarks against those who seek to trade off its brand. KFC has spoken to Mrs. Daly at the Tan Hill Inn and confirmed that it will not take this case any further.

“This means that Mrs Daly can continue to use the phrase “family feast” on the pub’s Christmas menu. It’s an unusual situation that has been blown out of all proportion.”

Trade off its brand?

Why not trademark the term ‘Christmas Day’?

We grant greed too much.