Actions Contemptible of America

Dana Blankenhorn at NetrootsWhat to do about the damage we endure?

Dana Blankenhorn says, “Make them own it.
Let’s break that down into its component parts, because they are all important:

  • Make means force, compel, staying on the case without rest and without mercy. It means you’re the hammer, they’re the nail, from now to the end of time. We are all Simon Wiesenthal now, and the criminals of the Bush Regime are the Nazis.
  • Them means not just those in the Bush Regime who gave us these horrors, but all their enablers, including those in the media and those Democrats who let them get away with it.
  • Own means you don’t let them weasel out of their responsibility, now or ever. These people must not only be exiled, but kept out, forever. Note what the Reagan people did to Carterism (even though Jimmy Carter was a wise man decades ahead of his time). Hit them harder, longer, destroy them more thoroughly than Carter was destroyed.
  • It means everything.
    The financial scandals. The Iraq War. The torture, the renditions, the eviscerating of the Constitution. All the actions of a government contemptible of government. Not only the actions, but the attitudes, and the ideology behind them, must be destroyed, called off limits by all future historians.