About Online Privacy

Keeping records? What about it? The horse has left the barn. Many are overcome. There’s now too many records. Some already have given up. Some already have abandoned their privacy. Many have created new persona. As if they say, “Why worry? When an avatar breaks, only an avatar remains.”

A few are worried.
Michael Geist reminds us that the two pillars of privacy are 1) Notice and 2) Consent. His authoritative legal analysis shows these pillars are falling.

The Information Commissioner of the British Parliament, Richard Thomas, warns us that he is not being trite about how easily we are stumbling into Big Brother, where data and surveillance becomes our government.

Twenty-five years ago at a computer conference in Vancouver I asked that “information sovereignty” be part of the computer revolution. I was promoting a video-text version of online medical records; damn old fashioned! But still we have not demanded a society that is capable of protecting us.

Domain is at stake.
We cannot forget sovereignty.
Over centuries we learned to repel intrusion. First its violence, then its arrogance, then second our safe living and finally our pride. We earned our privacy in order to respect ourselves.

Of course I am an avatar. My avatar. And I am a protected person too. All are belong us.

In Kaila Colbin’s post at the VortexDNA blog, she clearly asserts, In ‘Privacy vs Trust’, Trust Wins.