A wish for your new year

To lure us lovingly to fuller powers.

One day turns into another;
Orb upon orb spin out the years.
We sometimes reflect such poise.
Sometimes not.

It’s just so seldom said,
these stories of the heart.
What better moment than now, another year,
to challenge the coming murmurs of each new day?

Here’s to recognizing
amidst the blinding dark infinity
the sweet triumph
of every step we carve
from this froth of earth.

Here’s to some discovery amongst our paths.
Here’s to worthy dreams to lure us lovingly to fuller powers.

May we be of sharp wit,
with diligence of will,
until every fire succumb as ally
and every flood seek our buoyancy.

May we, as if a star,
use our hope to breathe,
our purpose unmoved,
quick in our calm heart.

May Peace commence our every journey.
May Joy touch deep.