A Twist On Secret Ballot

Press badge hatPerpetrating a fraud?

Newsweek: “[Y]ou remember the Keating Five scandal that he was a part of, which, by the way, it’s crazy but there’s been very little about it in the press in the last few weeks. And McCain thinks he’s getting a hard time, he’s really getting a free ride on the fact that he was in the middle of the last great financial scandal in our country.

Sarah Palin still refusing to give interviews to the media

Running for governor, Sarah Palin was interviewed in Alaska by Jodi Sykes of KDLG radio; hard but appropriate questions… After the interview aired, Todd Palin called to curse Jodi Sykes. Todd’s mother, Blanche Kallstrom, called the manager of KDGL and insisted he fire Jodi Sykes.

Palin may have planted favorable reporters.
Palin’s manipulating and bullying of the media haven’t changed. In fact they’ve gotten worse. During her career, investigators are examining public records showing job negotiations between Palin and KTUU political reporter Bill McAllister who has since become Palin Press Secretary Bill McAllister. Palin staff quickly complain to media and harass opponents friends and family. Caught lying in defense of Palin, Meg Stapleton, also former KTUU news reporter turned into a Palin press agent, called the TV News Anchor’s wife to bully her at home.

National Media Shut Out
Reporters on the Palin campaign plane must shout questions from thirty feet away while Palin only smiles and waves.

DailyDish says, Fight back, you hacks!

The press is beginning to resist the incredibly sexist handling of Palin by the McCain campaign. There is a simple point here: any candidate for president should be as available to press inquiries as humanly possible. Barring a press conference for three weeks, preventing any questions apart from two television interviews, one by manic partisan Sean Hannity, devising less onerous debate rules for a female candidate, and then trying to turn the press into an infomercial for the GOP is beyond disgraceful.

McCain-Palin Storm Troopers have dropped into Alaska, taken over the ‘department of law’ as Attorney General Talis Colberg is directing subpoenas be ignored. Alaska is a battlefield of scared politicians, blocked investigations and an intimidated press.

From the Juneau Empire: McCain inserted into the Alaska legislature… to stymie… bit by bit… to shut down all means of inquiring into the reality and the record… How many years to build such wicked teams? How many years we allow it?

No interviews.
From ABC: “The woman seeking to be to a heartbeat away from the presidency without ever holding a press conference… “

Sarah Palin, the first President to hide in Cheney’s basement office…

Over 2,300 doctors have signed an open letter entitled “John McCain’s Health Records Must Be Released.” That includes dozens of oncologists and melanoma specialists. If these medical professionals are sufficiently concerned about this issue to put their professional reputations behind this clear public statement, shouldn’t the rest of us be at least a little bit worried?

As an emergency physician, if I were taking care of a 72-year-old man with a history of melanoma who was having episodes of confusion I would be extremely concerned. High on my priority list would be to get a brain MRI to look for metastatic melanoma. When melanoma metastasizes it commonly goes to the brain. I do not think the American people should decide whether or not to vote for Senator McCain until he has had a brain MRI and we know the results.

On the day of the first televised debate, McCain has already scheduled “a short nap“.

Con destroys our government

The hallucination is dazzling, awesome. For most of the past three decades these insurgents have controlled at least one branch of government; they were underwritten in their rule by the biggest of businesses; they were backed by a robust social movement with chapters across the radio dial. Still they remain the victims, the outsiders; they fight the power, the establishment, the snobs, the corrupt.

John McCain rails against Washington as the “city of Satan”—which in any sober theology would make him Lucifer’s lieutenant.