A tort to see

Among slogans brigands parade to collect our vote,

less government.
but now the most large;
less spending,
but now the greatest of all time;
and shamefully, prosperity
but for the rich,
and laughingly, a renewal of morals,
but an era of corruption and pain;
and not to forget, Tort Reform,
the witty trick to shame our lawyers,
here’s a reminder about how we can use our law:

Where do the blind want to hear?
For more than ten years, a blind lawyer fought a Transit Commission over its refusal to make its staff call out stops. [link] [link]

The bus system fought this case. He won.
Now at every stop the staff will say so.

But he’s going to court again. The Transit managers spent about a half million to fight against telling the blind where they were. He wants to know why???

There’s a new horizon though.

Networks are exploding.

Maybe the transit staff can be mute again.

Things will talk to the blind.