A space for life

Science Daily tells us we may soon lose more than one-quarter of our birds.

I suppose we’ve used the habitat.

This is what the Earth looks like at night

This post is cruel. To birds. To us. The raw helplessness of losing wildlife starkly rises against the realization we carpet the earth in our styled civilization. Neither birds nor we could explain what we’ve done or why.

But let’s face it. Humans have abraded the so-called natural earth, and its air. There will be additional incursion too. Scientific American reports a study of increased population showing we’ll jump from today’s 6.5 billion to 10 billion before rates of growth might stabilize.

Europe at nightThe most valuable behavior for us is to face reality.

Our curiosity can join our relentless ambition as we create new options.

The world we are coming to has changed. Much damage cannot be reversed, but many of our impacts can be adjusted.

We must enjoy our new challenges. The years ahead are the first of an era. We will learn to live sustainably.