a radically new diety

It seems to me people argue the most about what they know the least about.

Restraining flippant theology, Michael Shermer at Big Questions writes, “I have debated many theologians who make the traditional arguments for God’s existence.”

  1. the cosmological argument (prime mover, first cause)
  2. the teleological argument (order and design of the universe)
  3. the ontological argument (if possible for God to exist, then God exists)
  4. the anthropic argument (nature, making human life possible)
  5. the moral argument (awareness of right and wrong)

You Are Not So Smart self-delusion blogI don’t know which of these ‘arguments’ is most popular or likely effective, nor would I choose one over the other.

While “sitting around in a cloud of possibilities”, I think we should be far less uppity with our imagination. With no God, why argue? With God, we better not.

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