A People’s Agenda

Frank Paynter asks, “Who is best qualified to take a 3AM phone call?” He answers, “No one is.”

Frank points to Ronni Bennett’s clear list of issues the candidates must address. I agree these are credible, simple demands any citizen will be proud to insist from every candidate and all our government.

  • the Constitution has been trashed and must be restored
  • the U.S. has supported and committed torture and it must end
  • the economy has been wrecked by the power elite in both government and corporate America and that greed will stop, regulations will be enforced
  • the Iraq War has been a disaster and we need a way out while acknowledging that we bear responsibility for bombing that country back to Ur
  • universal healthcare is a human right and we’ll find a way to provide it
  • our infrastructure – bridges, roads, water, sewer systems – will be fixed
  • No Child Left Behind will be canceled and we’ll figure out how to improve our schools
  • unwarranted searches and surveillance of citizens will stop
  • there will be no more fooling around about the environment
  • a fair solution will be found for immigration
  • government ethics legislation will have real teeth
  • separation of church and state will be restored
  • every last political hack (thousands of them) appointed by the Bush administration to government agencies will be fired, replaced with non-partisan competents
  • earmarks will disappear entirely from legislation – let them be properly legislated
  • the wealthy elite have had it their way long enough, reaping collective trillions of dollars on the backs of the middle and lower classes and now it is their turn to pay it back