A new experience

A routine interview and merely thoughtful replies. Get used to it.

CNN synopsis, or the entire video interview at Meet The Press.

“We are not going to simply write a bunch of checks and let them be spent without some very clear criteria as to how this money is going to benefit the overall economy and put people back to work. We’re not going to be making decisions on projects simply based on politics and — and lobbying.”

On the other hand, we’re still accustomed to Bush and the corruption of an era:

Nearly $8 trillion in federal commitments is already out the door, and half of the $700 billion October rescue package has been spent.

The economic downturn is accelerating.

And nobody is really in charge.

Among a lame-duck Bush administration, a lame-duck Congress, and a president-elect, Barack Obama, who has no legal authority to act and is reluctant to get entangled with the Bush team, Washington’s political vacuum has left policy adrift at the most critical economic period in a generation.